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  Toyota and Lexus used to be diagnosed with a handheld scan tool called the Mastertech.

  Unfortunately, it has become obsolete and is not really worth buying because it only covers up to 2008.

  The current scan tool for Toyota and Lexus vehicles is the Techstream.

  When first introduced to the Toyota dealerships, it was a laptop based system with a very expensive interface to connect to the vehicle.

  It was not fully backward capable but otherwise, was the scan tool of choice for anyone serious about Toyota/Lexus.

  A few years ago, Toyota released a much more affordable version called Techstream lite. This system uses a very inexpensive dongle for the interface and the best dongle for the tool is called a Mongoose for Toyoya made by Drew Tech.

  The Drew Tech Toyota Pro Mongoose is the latest version of Mongoose interfaces and supercedes the Toyota Mongoose.

  It has an average cost of approx $500.00

  The Drew Tech all in one reflasher called the Cardaq Plus or the newest Cardaq M can also be used for the interface though it costs much more. It is capable of being used as a J2534 Reflashing tool for many different vehicle manufacturers.

  A yearly subscription of $1000.00 permits full diagnostics, Reflashing and free access to the TIS service information website.

  I have a less expensive option. 

Please call me for more information about purchasing this great tool.

  My contact info as well as my mission statement on on the Front page.

  Thankx, Ray.

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