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  Please read this ad for prices and options on Chryslers latest scan tool including the Micropod 2 scan tool.
  Chrysler uses 2 different Scan tool systems on their vehicles depending on whether they are older non-can or the newer can communication systems.
 The handheld scan tool, DRB 3 serviced all older non-can vehicles up to 2003.

 Starting in 2004, the Dodge Durango was the first vehicle to switch to can using a Can system scan tool.

 In 2005, the Chrysler 300 and others joined the switch and
by 2007, the only vehicles left still using the DRB3 were the minivans.

 The DRB 3 is a necessary tool. There are things it can reliably do that are not possible with the Can system scan tools.
 Examples :
 Sprinter truck diagnosis from 2002 thru 2006 is only possible thru the DRB 3 scan tool.
 Sprinter requires a multiplexer cable and Sprinter software card to access all the systems.
 The Chrysler Crossfire requires the multiplexer and it's own
software card to access all systems.
  2001 and newer Sebring and Stratus 2 door models require
a special cable and software card to access all systems.

   Diesel truck injector kill tests are  reliably accomplished with a DRB 3.
 The DRB 3 can reliably reflash computers with a dowload from WWW.Techauthority.com

   This tool was about $6000.00 new and was eventually discontinued.

   A refurbished DRB 3 can be aquired for about $3195.00.
(I usually have 1 of them in stock)

   They are checked out by the manufacturer to insure they are in good working order.

  A DRB 3 is still a great tool to have and is really necessary for diesel diagnostics.

 There were some developements in the newer Can system witech software to add a DRB 3 emulator  but copyright problems with the emulator creator forced it to be removed.

   The above creator of the DRB 3 software emulator  makes an interface called the vehicle box but some customers have found it to not function properly. And at $2900.00, no thank you.

 If you want results that you can trust, buy the DRB 3 that was the Dealers scan tool for the age of non can system vehicles that you are diagnosing.
 When Chrysler started switching to Can systems, Chrysler came out with the Starscan handheld scan tool and the Starmobile 
Customer Flight Recorder interface.

I say 'interface' because the Starmobile required a laptop as the user interface.

 They both ran on software called Desktop Client. It was good but
it was a bit limited.

 The Starscan was a great tool but it was not upgradeable to run the newer Witech Can system software a few years later.

 The Starmobile was able to be grandfathered in to use the Witech software since it required a laptop anyways. Now it is obsolete too.

 Chrysler quickly put the Kebosh on the Starscan and it has been discontinued for over 5 years now.

 No newer software keeps it unable to reach above 2010  models.

(Starscans are a really bad investment. Don't get suckered into buying one.)

 There are plenty of sellers happy sell you one because they can buy them cheap and get uninformed people to pay good $$.

  Witech is Chryslers newest scan tool system. It is laptop based as the user interface. It is very easy to use and is extremely  effective at displaying Network diagnostics, probably among the best.

 Witech shows which modules are actually supposed to be equipped and  communicating,  have codes and are due for a reflash update of newer software.

  The network 'tree' depicted on the laptop screen shows how each module is connected and saves time when one or more are not working.

  To get a better idea of Witech, you can visit their informational knowledge base website at www.kb.dcctools.com.

  Their website has a lot of info about the Witech system.

  Don't forget You Tube as another great source for videos of the Witech system being used.

    I use what I sell and I know the value of trusting a factory scan tool to give me reliable info to speed my diagnosis.

   Witech used a vehicle interface called the  VCI Pod, shaped like a black horseshoe with a antenna.

  The Dealerships used it wirelessly and a expensive router was included to handle the Pod communications to a laptop.

   We in the independant repair shops were required to buy the stupid $$router even though the VCI Pod workes fine on a Usb or Network cable in our shops.
    ($5800.00 to buy and $2400.00 yearly witech  software/
hardware licensing fee's.)

   I sell the witech software license for $1445.00

   Now a newer Micro pod 2 is the latest interface and it is the size of a short box of cigarettes. 

   I sell the Micropod 2 for $3095.00 with 1 year license to use the Witech software.

   Lifetime tech support thru AE tools is included!!!!

   Add 1 year Techauthority Subscription for a total of $4645.00.

   The Witech software license by itself is $1445.00 for 1 year.

  Witech software recommends a lot of laptop horsepower.

   Chrysler really needs a laptop with a intel 2.5 GHZ I5 quad processor and 4 GIG of RAM plus Windows 7 Professional.

  Since this is an expensive laptop to only use for Chrysler,  I setup a reconditioned E6420 business class laptop with above specs plus I also partition my solid state hard drive into 2 or 4 seperate Windows 7 Professional operating systems.

    Keep Witech by itself  to prevent software conflicts and still get use of  other operating systems to maximize laptop use with other software programs like Ford, GM, Mazda etc.

 Polyurethane keyboard protector included.

  When you first start up, the laptop pauses and offers you a screen with the 4 Windows operating systems. Pick which one you want and you are on your way. I also label them to make it
more clear what is being chosen.

  Example  :

Windows 7 WITECH
Windows 7
Windows 7
Windows 7

   It's easy to name them anything you want.

   Currently, add this laptop for $999.00 for 2 partitions or $1095.00 for 4 partitions as shown plus shipping with 6 month warranty.

  I have a Toughbook CF19 with 2.5 GHZ I5 quad processor for $1495.00
with 2 partitions. $1595.00 for 4 partitions.

  I look forward to helping you make the best possible decision in adding a scan tool to your shop.

  Please find my contact info at the bottom of my homepage.

  Thanks, Ray.


  Free Chart of CAN/NonCAN vehicles

   Free DRB 3 user manual


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